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Thanks, I will look at and measure to see if clubs will still fit. Just not willing to give up that space for a sub (will live with the doors subs if I have to). Size is the primary reason, but the other reason is the ability to hear with the vert's they have metal enclosure that the top sits in when it is down that separates the trunk from the top (think firewall). So the vert trunk space is the same with it up or down, I actually like this feature, which is different from Benz, BMW, just about all other smaller verts. So a little concerned I will not be hear it well, without turning into a crazy boomer set up.

Good suggestion on the folding seats, I would luv to have that functionality, but that is not how the verts come... the rear seats do not fold

FYI, most super high end sports car (Ferrari's, etc) put a sub in the foot well of passenger side.
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