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Well, at least for the ignitor tick, the going theory for a while was that there was an additive put in the oil from the factory that would keep the tick away until the next oil change. Allegedly, Ford did this in anticipation that it was only a break-in issue that wouldn't be a problem by the time the first oil change came around. The fact that they put an additive in my car that took the sound away instantly would support that idea. Of course, it always came back upon oil change.

Again, that was the going theory for a while, but I don't think I buy it anymore. Surely, if that was what was happening, Ford would have realized that the matter didn't go away with break-in, and they fixed it by now in the new cars (2011.5+).

So, alas, I have no real theory :yelpleased:. Something in the additive worked INSTANTLY. The stuff looked like black shoe polish.

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