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Originally Posted by 5LHO View Post
Ford called today, here's the parts list for the rebuild:
Transmission ext housing
Input shaft
Input shaft bearings
5th gear
Countershaft bearings
Output shaft bearings
Support plate
Various other bearings and seals

Pretty much 2/3rds of the major moving parts in the trans and it’s pretty strong evidence my argument for failed bearings is indeed the issue, as they aren’t replacing any gears except 5th, (which I didn’t really have any issues with) and the extension housing is chewed up.
Nice work staying cool and getting ford to finally fix you car, just sucks you had to go through all that to get fixed what you already paid for as new.

I believe the reason mustang owners have to go through so much crap in order to get something fixed that is a KNOWN issue is because of all the discruntled ford employee/fan boys spreading misinformation. They are just prolonging the inevitable instead of trying to get this fixed for everyone involved once and for all.

I really hope this works out for you

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