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Originally Posted by 5LHO View Post
Well, I just bought the Boss 302 cooler scoop as, anything I can do to avoid going through this again, I'm going to do.

to all fanbois/excuse-makers: this is for fricking real man, the only symptom I had of problems was the whine. Trans shifted great, except when really cold. Disassembly and the parts list indicate to me the input shaft bearing blew first, as they've had to replace the input shaft as well. Everything else is consequential to taking the trans apart or grinding metal getting into places it shoudn't. I didn't even get a chance to race or play with the car as it blew right out of break-in, I'm 46 years old and I've been driving stick since 1980.
After a long break from internet forums I thought I'd check in and see if anyone is experiencing a whine as I am.

I just dropped mine off this am because of the whine and rough 1-2nd shifting and grinding in 5th. They suspect the input shaft bearing is at fault. I've been dealing with multiple issues with this car since I bought it in 2010 so I waited until this problem got so bad it was impossible to ignore. Hopefully they just replace the transmission instead of rebuilding it but I don't have high confidence in this ever being really solved.

I'm not anti-ford, I think they make some great products and I'm glad to have bought American and take part in the whole mustang/muscle car experience while it's still around but unfortunatley I won't be buying another one. If anything I have a bigger problem with the dealerships than corporate. I get the impression that my service advisor is fighting his managment and techs to get the customers taken care of. It shouldn't be that way. All parties should be focused on the customer, not the bottom line or bonus check.

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