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Originally Posted by 5LHO View Post
The Tremec isn't God's gift; it's got problems of its own. There's nothing wrong with this transmission, as designed. It has a good record in other applications and is up for the power level and weight of the Mustang application. Ford cheaped out on some outsourcing for components inside and now they and their customers are facing the back-blade of that decision. It sucks but, I will make this car work, one way or another.
Originally Posted by adspru View Post
I completely disagree.... you can buy "tremecs" of varying quality... Crappy ones like they put in the Base Camaro/Vettes, all the way up the line to a fully blueprinted viper spec...... Show me where there are any upgradeable components for a MT82(I searched for hours)..... Oh, and most of the other vehicles that utilize an MT82 are diesels(and they are made in an award winning European facility), with a redline of 4K+ rpms below that of the coyote.... It's no wonder the input shaft bearing is disintegrating prematurely.....
+1 adspru, and for those questioning the quality of the T-56 mag I will say this ......

Well I am but one guy here, however, one of the few to have had both the MT-82 and the T-56 magnum in their car. I was in the "I have one of the good ones" MT-82 camp and never had any issues worth attention with mine ..... did it whine a little, sure, but it always shifted, and without issue. For the most part I try to ignore the trolls on both sides and provide support and compassion where warranted. All that said, there is no comparrison between the MT and the Tremec. This is not to say that the MT is not an acceptable trans, but the T-56 mag is even better than the 6060 that comes in the GT-500's. I have driven one of those as well. Anyone who doubts it is welcome to come give the magnum a try ..... I am not suggesting that people with problems should whip out their check books and credit cards to buy one, Ford should fix or replce your bad MT-82. But if you truely want to transform your mustang into the muscle car that it should be ...... get one. This is no different than upgrading the lackluster suspension or stereo, or any other stock part that we mod to improve our cars. If the stock part fails or breaks, Ford should replace it, but often times we choose to replace them with superior parts anyway, to better suit our needs or desires with our cars. The mustang is by far one of the least expensive $/HP cars available today, it does not suprise me that parts of this car are not on par with supercar status...... I never expected it to be anyway.

Best of luck to all with MT-82 issues, but know without a doubt that the S-197 Tremec T-56 magnum trans is the best solution to your manual trans woes.

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