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Originally Posted by evanjp View Post
OK about the whine, although I swear it is coming from the tranny.....

With the shifting gears, it seems to shift smoother when pushing the shifter up and slightly right in 3rd, and down and slightly right in 4th which is odd but it brought a smile to my face at how much smoother and better it was. That is the LAST thing I need right now after my 2002's transmission problems...
A good method for the 2-3 shift and 3-4 shift on these transmissions (because of the narrow gates) is to let the shifter centering spring do its work. I shift with the open palm of my hand behind the shift knob on the 2-3 shift and use a similar technique on the front of the shift knob for the 3-4 shift. This allows the shifter centering spring to keep the lever in the proper gate as I am not wrestling with the shifter to "find" the gate.
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