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Originally Posted by stevegt2012 View Post
A good method for the 2-3 shift and 3-4 shift on these transmissions (because of the narrow gates) is to let the shifter centering spring do its work. I shift with the open palm of my hand behind the shift knob on the 2-3 shift and use a similar technique on the front of the shift knob for the 3-4 shift. This allows the shifter centering spring to keep the lever in the proper gate as I am not wrestling with the shifter to "find" the gate.

Agreed. I also don't like the shift knob I have which is the bulky finger like shifter rather than a ball knob. One of my friends drove my car one night because I had a few too many and he was CONSTANTLY hitting the shifting gates because he was wrestling the shifter rather than working WITH the shifter. I think switching to a ball knob actually would help shifter feel enough for me too vs. changing out my entire assembly (even though I probably will). A new bracket helps out a lot too to make shifts more direct.
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