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Question Reset Alarm on 2004 Mustang

My daughter lost the keyless entry remote and so we had to open the car without it thus setting off the alarm. We got the car towed back home and I bought a new remote and managed to program it very easily. The problem we have is that the alarm will not switch off, such that I had to disconnect the ground on the alarm horn to stop the noise.

Does anyone know how to reset the alarm??? I have tried disconnecting the negative lead, inserting the key and turning to on and re-connecting the negative. This did nt work. I looked for some sort of bypass switch but pretty sure this alarm doesn't have one. I also thought of just disconnecting the fuse, but would prefer to have a working alarm.

While looking for the said switch I saw a small flat rectangular box with dip switches on it that appeared to have a relay clicking away inside in time with the alarm LED on the steering column, so thought this was maybe the controller and I could do something in there

My daughter is pretty frustrated because she can't drive her car

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