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Originally Posted by Bender351 View Post
I have had the CDC Shaker set-up in the box since November. After reading Murda, Inc.'s post the other day, I got the inspiration to finally gather up my balls to do it.

First, let me say that I am no mechanic, nor show any real mechanical talent. I've done a few mods to my 2011 GT/CS, but nothing major: hood lift struts, Hurst shifter, hood spear decals, new Boss coil covers. So far, so good. But, ever since I saw the shaker hood "option" in the 2010 Ford brochure, I said to myself, "I gotta' have that!" It's functional (for what it's worth HP wise), and it screams classic muscle car style. So I bought the kit on sale last year, but was hestitant about installing it myself. I had never taken on such an undertaking on any of my Mustangs over the years.

But I am pleased to report that, overall, things went well. No major glitches, although I must admit I got lucky a couple of times. So here are my tips if you are going to install one of these. Tip #1 - Follow the CDC tip of applying extra tape to the hood around where you will cut the hood. I forgot and when the layer of tape came up from under the jigsaw, I was about to sh*t my shorts. $900 mistake? No, lucky for me, the marks in the paint are so miniscule I do not think anyone will notice. Tip #2 - I recommend masking the entire hood and cover the fenders. Metal shavings and particles go everywhere. Do not risk scratching your paint to get them off. Even water won't easily lift them off. If you mask or cover the entire hood, you won't have to worry about it. Tip #3 - Make sure that upper and lower trim rings line will line up based on where the upper ring is centered around the scoop, before you apply it with the adhesive. For some reason I had to drill new holes in the lower ring to be able to rivet them together. Other than that, the install went fine, but keep a good grip on your saw (I got lucky when the saw jumped out of the cut and landed on the part of the hood that coming out). But the reward is worth it. I believe Ferris Bueller said it best, "It is so choice!" Now I can say I have 2 functional ram air cars, the 2011 GT/CS with eh Shaker and the 1971 Mach 1 with NACA Ram Air.
lol i didnt even know some of those measurements existed on a tape measure

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