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Originally Posted by CTfiveo View Post
Too bad these trannys are such a point of distress. The sad part is all the people that say it's driver error, beating on the car, or lack of experience will undoubtedly have issues down the road. I never bashed anyone for complaining but in the back of my mind thought maybe it was the driver and/ or I must have a good one. Sure enough here comes the whine and it's getting worse every day. I htick had stick shifts all my life and always got 100k plus before having any issue. That includes high performance cars, compacts, and trucks. you can be pro Ford and think everyone's nuts... But one day you will have the windows up and stereo down and say to yourself "what the hell"? I will use it until it goes and entually put the tremac in. Who knows... Maybe it will still go a long time... But it seems to be getting stiffer and 1 -2 is nibbling more and more. I had the new fluid put in and the tried red line...but to no avail. Good luck to all
Well you may not believe it can be the owner but from my point of view I've seen it before. Owner jumps up and down this truck a pile of crap nothing but problems amazing the next guy who buy has trouble free truck go figure. Or the truck who they switch drivers in problems go away seen this many time too.

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