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Yet another thread has been poached.

Originally Posted by cidsamuth View Post
Some folks have allow their self worth to be so wrapped up in their car, they just can't stand it when there might be problems. So, they feel compelled to blame the owners so that their babies (the cars) stay perfect in their eyes.

When you complain, you really screw with their delicate sensibilities.
There is a flip side to this argument. Those with problems spend equal amount of time and energy trying to make it seem like their problem is everyone's problem. It's not enough that they are having rough shifting, trans whine, engine ticks, or bubbling paint, but it must be that the entire thing is flawed and each and every model with a Mustang badge must share the same flaw.

This is what leaves a sour taste in my mouth. I have had issues myself, but instead of plauging the forums with sorrow and seeking pity I got my issues fixed.

I try to help those with issues, but it only works so well until some start to ignore the help and just want to cry about it. It bothers me only because I care about my fellow Mustanger(even those I disagree with) and want everyone to be out enjoying their cars.
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