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Hey Grim, you seem to take offense that people "aren't taking your advice" but while the effort is appreciated your advice does exactly jack-all for our warranty situations and how FMC is handling this.

I could try different brackets, fluids or even swap the tranny for a more robust model...It's not as if I don't know how to rectify this problem, it's that I shouldn't have to jump through hoops at my expense. It's not that people are ignoring your advice and are just here to complain but we're limited by what FMC will let us do.

So I got my car back yesterday, they're saying that the Ford Hotline is now stating that all MT82s whine. They tested 2 cars on the lot and one was silent and the other was "10 times louder than yours but the customer never complained about it..." so they've determined that it's normal op condition. Am I surprised? Not one bit.
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