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Originally Posted by SD_Stang View Post
I would like to drive it if I was in Maryland! I agree though the torque rating I believe on the MT is less then what our car puts out stock.

It should have been a V6 Tranny with the Tremec being for GT and above.
I hear it was to keep the price of the Mustangs down.

I would have paid the same price for a manual transmission as what the autos cost if they had a Tremec in them! I bought an auto Mustang because no way I was going to touch an MT82. I'm sure a lot of others on here would gladly paid an extra $1200 for a Mustang equipped with a Tremec that has less issues and also higher torque rating.

Heck Dodge charged more for a manual transmission in the Challengers than an auto!

If Ford had the Tremec or something of quality I would gladly have paid a little more to get one with 3:73s

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