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Carbon Fiber Driveshaft is a good way to perk up accelration with Gears. It will feel like a totally new car. I'd take a look also and see what kind of exhaust is on the car if it's just an axle back or a cat back set-up. Look at the rear suspension and see if anything has been done back there.

Do you plan on keeping it the stock height or adding springs at some point? The stock CS wheel tire combo is a little on the small side once you add some power it will be a weak link.

The Bama Tune I believe there is a thread going now on Auto's and what the tune does you may want to review. Gears and the Driveshaft will be a mechanical way to improve acceleration vastly but will not fix the little bit of lag as you go WOT, a tune will and firm up the shifts.

I'd get the oil changed fill it up with 91-93 whatever you have where you are, toss a new air filter(I'd do it anyway because I'm anal) in if it's dirty and that alone should make it feel a bit better if the dealer had 87 in it.

Go window shopping after that and make your list of what your going to attack first.

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