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Everyone needs to hear about the guys with problems who got it fixed as they should also hear about the guys with no problems and the guys who have issues that aren't fixed.

No shame in any of that (despite the fanbois who like to insist so).

Having said that, i would have given a my left nut to have ONLY had gear whine. And i always thought i took the "high road" by unloading the thing rather than getting into a bickering battle with Ford (although i was accused of being a troll for having the "nerve" to have take that "high road" and then voice my aggrivation with the over all situation----oh for shame, how could i have)

Having said that, i wont be owning another Ford again unless its an SHO (huge maybe-but i did love the Air cond seats ((new favorite I rented one for a week on the job two weeks ago) or one of the new 2013 Shelbys. (only if i was driving along and saw one at a dealership for an unadvertised cheaper than usual price ((yes...that DOES happen some times-IM always on the look out)).

I also really liked the Challenger 392 I drove a month ago. It was smooth and i like the idea of 487hp (or what ever it was) NATURALLY aspirated. But Dodge??? Take all of my complaints about the MT82 and multiply that by 4x and you'll start to get an idea of what POS Dodges usually puts out.

Now that the winter has passed, it definately appears that the people with major issues were in a huge minority and the prevalence of the issue was over blown (although its also painfully obvious that many people DO have legitimate problems and a few always seem to find their way here)....

....but. Ford dealerships didn't stand behind their products for many customers and me is UNFORGIVABLE. I work hard for my money and i wont be spending it with a company that has dealers not standing behind its product.

As luck would have it...Nissan has been amazing with my several Nissan models (I love cars and tend to buy more cars a year then the average dude buys shoes a year), and as i get older having an automobile company (or local dealerships) who stand by their products means about 10x more to me then having the absolute fastest or specked out model. No i am not in "honda accord" mode yet, but i would buy a Maxima with Air cond seats and dual moon roofs to park next to my Titan SL faster then i would buy any Ford made product.

YMMV-many people say they have issues with Coopers, but mine is flawless, so i totally get the guys who have good working Mustangs out there scratching their heads and asking what all the fuss is about. And i won't stoop to the fanboi level by slamming them for saying so. (the way they seem to with the guys for stating they have problems).

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