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Originally Posted by KonaBlueKiller View Post
All these people worried about sync and blue tooth and USB iPod..... IT COMES BUILT INTO THE SCREEN YOU BUY!!!. There's no reason to worry about retaining your stock stuff. You even can buy the interface adapter so your steering wheel works for the premiums. The dashboard adapter has nothing to do with sync or any of that. Its just so you can install the screen into your dashboard. I bought a 2012 base knowing I'd change everything and didn't care about sync. Saved money, have a way better radio, speakers, amps, nav and about to order my custom leather from Katzkin.
My 2013 Base does have SYNC though, and I actually do like the voice control of USB/Bluetooth Streaming, Directions, Services, etc. I intend to keep these features over the aftermarket ones.

There are new gateways coming out, namely the Kenwood/iDataLink Maestro that will integrate the Sync features into the actual headunit.

If my car did not have SYNC, it would be a different story. But I actually do like it, and would like to keep it.

That said, this is the first dash kit that's actually in a form I can swallow. I'd love to see something in the future with a detachable LCD which can place the screen higher.

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