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The tires on my base model are rated for 130 mph, it's called a speed rating! I don't understand why people think this car can't go fast up top, 3500 lbs. or so, 305 hp is plenty. The post about doing 150, the car likely was no topped out. Mine is still stock at this point in time, but it will hit the limiter with ease, so there is plenty left. It's not a good idea to over speed your tires, but they are not likely to explode if you go 1 mph over their speed rating.
I like my mustang, but if I knew I would need to fork out $2k to fix all the sh#t that Ford screwed up on it it wouldn't be in front of my house. The motor is unreal for it's size, but the sh#t ford put after it is totally crap, and if you replace it they will void your warranty.
It's a damn good thing it's so pretty to look at!
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