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Originally Posted by ptgt View Post
Got any links to verify this?
I checked it out. Seems like there MAY be some truth to this. But, I have not read anything about their exhaust systems being bad, and I really haven't read anything that wasn't a few years old about them having bad parts. Not to mention, seems like anyone who had anything that broke was sent a replacement piece, only having to pay shipping to Granatelli.

I got another reply from Joey Grantelli. Basically, I told him I didn't want to ride around with an exhaust that "boomed" and "droned" like Flow Masters and Magna Flow Mufflers do on the freeway. He said, and I quote "This is the EXACT system you want for your car!!!".

So, it looks pretty good. Like I said before, If I was in the states right now I think I'd try a set for $389. I mean, they even said if I don't like them I can have my money back!!! Not to mention, if they are junk like some say, then I get a replacement. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm....

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