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Buck under medium acceleration - ???

Car is an '06GT, just turned 8000 miles today (yes 8k not 80k). Bone stock (for now). So last night as I was heading to the gym, I pulled out making a left turn on my normal route. There was a car coming a good ways off so I accelerated what I would call "medium". First gear up to about 3500-4k, then smooth shift to second and back on the gas using medium pedal. Well, all of a sudden, it bucks around 3500 or so - like the TC kicked in. So I let off and got back on, everything was fine. In my driving last night on the way home and into work this morning - spirited driving to test/check - everything was fine.

Here's the deal - I'm almost positive that I had the TC off last night...but it felt just like it kicked in for a second as I accelerated in 2nd. Could something else have caused this? A glitch or something? Or am I just overthinking this and I had left the TC on? Any thoughts would be welcome.

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