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2013 base stereo HAS to go! Where to start?

Hello. I have previously owned a Mazdaspeed6 which had a nice Bose system, and a Scion TC release series which had an even better Pioneer system. Now we come to my new Mustang..UGH, Bar none the WORST stereo ive ever heard in a modern car.

Over the next six months or so I will be upgrading, I have never upgraded a stereo before, I don't want to just take it to a shop, I want to research and pick out the components myself. Heres where im at.

1. Speakers (I will Install)
2. head unit. Do I need?
3. Amp and sub in trunk (audio shop install)

Im a newbie and need some advice on brands, and pricing. How much should I be paying for quality? Ive seen speakers from 20 to 120 dollars. Head units, amps and subs are all over.

pioneer, Bose, alpine? I want crisp, clear sound with balanced bass, but I also wanna be able to crank the bass ocassionally.

What order should I install? What do I need to install speakers myself?(ex harnesses, brackets, wiring etc..)


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