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Originally Posted by solidhadriel View Post
Whenever I do any sort of 'sporty' driving, I disable AdvanceTrac altogether as the behavior really is unpredictable and it can retard acceleration while doing it with such finesse that at times you can't tell its on unless you see the light blinking.

Its designed for keeping 'normal' drivers from losing control. Trying to do sporty maneuvers with it may as well just cause you to have less control of your vehicle.
My last car (C6 Z06) had a "competition mode" that disabled traction control all together and reduced the amount of yaw control. It's what I used I when I went to the strip with it and it was the perfect mode for me and that car. Turning everything off was beyond my capability as that car gave little warning before the rear end snapped lose.

I was hoping that sport mode in the Mustang would be similar to that. If not, I'm turning everything off. Thanks for the replies.

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