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Normally when I read something like "advancetrac almost killed me" etc. I think to myself what was this DB doing.... Yours sounds sincere, I hope you get it worked out... I'll chime in to set the record straight that advancetrac has "kept me alive".... Best of Luck OP, hope they get your issues figure out.
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I am the same way. When I read about someone complaining about TC/ESC causing them to lose control it makes me wonder what the outcome would have been had there been no intervention. However in this case the malfunction did infact appear completely on it's own according to the OP's description.

I have not had a customer car behave quite like the OP's but have had plenty of similar issues. Usually what happens with something like a wheelspeed sensor fault is the ABS tries pulsing the brakes no matter how light you touch the pedal. This causes a severe reduction in the amount of pressure the driver can put into the brakes and indeed makes for a very dangerous driving experience.
I don't own a Performance Package , but I almost always just tap the TC button once but leave AdvancTrac on. I think it was last year a member on here lost control on the 1/4 mile which ended up killing her competetor in the other lane. Her husband wrote up the details on here, since then I mostly leave AdvancTrac engaged.

The first time it "engaged" I was accelerating somewhat aggressively, but come on! I'm pretty much stock with 2.73s!!!!
The second time a couple minutes later I was very, very slowly accelerating cause I was nervous as hell, and the brakes behaved like the car thought I was in an uncontrolable spin, but I had been driving smooth, straight, and flat. When each individual brake slammed then I was swirving almost out of control. If I had been doing 70mph things could have gone south really fast, like the Ford Exploders of old. The more I think about it the scarier it gets, it is supposed to be a safety system that intervenes when things go wrong. But if a tiny glitch in the system causes this kind of thing, I'd rather not have the safety Nanny at all.
My service advisor just now called and they can not duplicate it at all, have no codes, and Ford he says has no advice on how to proceed. Nervous as hell to drive this car home, or anywhere else...
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