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Originally Posted by Grimace427 View Post
For something that much of a safety issue, I would insist on them testing each wheelspeed sensor via oscilloscope pattern as well as swap in a new AdvanceTrac control unit for diagnostic purposes. Get Deysha to light a fire beneath their butts. I understand the difficult to duplicate and diagnose concerns being a tech myself, but for things safety related we check until we are certain it is fixed.
Well I have the car back, I'm pretty sure it didn't see any O-scope action. Just the belts under the TSB, and the steering wheel buttons. CND on the shifting and Advanctrac problem. CND is AirForce speak for could not duplicate malfunction.

Originally Posted by solidhadriel View Post
This x1000. Something that can potentially cause a fatal crash should really be looked into beyond the general "uh, we don't hear anything strange" kind of inspection. Get a hold of Deysha if you have to.
Deysha contacted my regional customer service rep Steve who I've been in contact with twice. When I picked up the car I drove around for 10 minutes with the service manager. Nothing freaked out, and it shifted pretty well *sigh*...

Originally Posted by GM Convert View Post
Advancetrac is an electronic control system in the ECU, and holding down the button for 5 seconds DOES turn that system off.

ABS is NOT part of Advancetrac, so no, turning off Advancetrac will not disable your ABS system and required components.

Turning off Advancetrac will however prevent the TCS from applying the brakes and shutting off fuel injectors should you spin the tires. It will also shut off the ESC system which would allow you to drift the car, and it will shut off the RSC system so the car will not slam on the brakes and shut off engine ignition should you get sudden violent body roll. Advancetrac CAN be completely disabled, so none of these systems function at any level.
Someone else wrote earlier that holding down the TC button will not completly disable AdvancTrac, he sounded smart enough. I thought when the message center said AdvancTrac Off, that AdvancTrac was completly off.

The car was spotless and freshly waxed when I dropped it off. But apparently the last 5 days it has sat under their sprinklers. Plastic, Glass, and Paint heavily waterspotted. So guess who is about to spend an hour or more cleaning her baby!
Did I mention before that I don't like taking my cars to the dealer?
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