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Originally Posted by 11Red3.7 View Post

Someone else wrote earlier that holding down the TC button will not completly disable AdvancTrac, he sounded smart enough. I thought when the message center said AdvancTrac Off, that AdvancTrac was completly off.

That was the post I was responding to. He may have sounded educated, but he doesn't seem to really understand what Advancetrac is. He said turning it off was really just a reduction of the ESC system. Not only is that incorrect, but ESC is just one of three systems that make up Advancetrac. Also, while ABS is integrated with Advancetrac, it is not directly controlled by the Advancetrac system. Advancetrac can apply the brakes, but it cannot disable the ABS system as ABS operates independently within the ECU.

Advancetrac has a Traction Control System, an Electronic Stability Control, and Roll Stability Control.

Traction Control works off rear wheel spin sensors. If rear wheel spin is detected then TCS will apply the brakes and/or reduce fuel flow and ignition to reduce the wheel spin.

Electronic Stability Control monitors wheel spin sensors on the front tires. When oversteer or undesteer is detected the system will apply one or more brakes on the opposite side of the car to help keep the car from sliding out of control.

Roll Stability Control works off gyroscopes. When it detects sudden or violent body lean it will apply the brakes and shut off fuel and ignition to the engine. When it is activated it is usually the most noticable time that Advancetrac interferes. It can and will literally leave you not only coasting, but slowing down.

These three systems CAN be completely disabled by holding down the Advancetrac button for 6 seconds while holding down the brake pedal at the same time. When completely disabled they will not work at any level and you are free to crash your car without them trying to stop you.

Again though, this does not effect ABS. ABS will always be working unless you physically alter the system such as removing sensors. However, an ABS fault or application would not cause the Advancetrac light to display on the dash, if it had a fault that applied the brake with no pressure on the pedal it would light the red ABS warning light instead and the car will read something along the lines of "Check Traction Control ABS and TC Disabled" on the odometer display.

Hope that clears things up a bit.
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