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Originally Posted by mmustangg View Post
Car has about 2000 miles. No mods, other than 18's off a GT. I have been noticing that the front shocks make a creaking sound going over speedbumps or during slower, bumpy driving. Planning on taking it to the dealer to have them check it out soon. Just wanted to see if anyone else has experienced this and what the culprit was? Could just need a little WD-40 or something.
Originally Posted by replica View Post
Yep, there are lots of threads about this. Mine is doing it pretty bad. Dealer appointment tomorrow.
Originally Posted by dolbnyc View Post
Funny that this issue started in 2011 and looks like it will never be resolved.
my 2012 had both sides replaces @ 2K and 5K. now at 20K same noise, especially when hot outside and going over speed bumps slow or driveways and road dips. Frustrating to say the least considering I am paying for this car and have these annoying issues!
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Has anyone ever had an issue with the rear suspension. With 6000 miles on it it sounds a bit "loose" if the road is rough or going over railroad crossings and such like?
Hello members,

I'd like to escalate this to the Customer Service Manager assigned to your area. Please make an appointment with your dealer and PM me with your VIN, dealer, full name, mileage, and best daytime number so I can help.

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