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I don't think the gas can slosh enough to upset a wheel speed sensor.


2011 Ford Mustang GT 5.0 - Short Take Road Test - Car Reviews - Car and Driver
Car & Driver quote:
What’s not better is the capless fuel port Ford adopted last year. The idea of getting rid of a fussy, hard-to-turn cap is great—except that we always seem to spill fuel on the car and on our shoes. And after some hard cornering on a full tank, we noticed signs of weeping down the Mustang’s quarter-panel where dust had collected in the dampness. Last year, Ford told us there was a problem with early filler necks and that it had been fixed. What does it have to tell us now?

C&D also had a picture of gas splashing out of the filler neck, while taking a hard corner. I can't find that now, but I saw it 2 years ago.
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