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Originally Posted by replica View Post
Thanks for the post. I'd rather not get corporate involved unless there's an issue at the dealership. Don't want to cause any problems for them.
I understand, replica. Let me know if you need me.

Originally Posted by FutureSound View Post
Deysha, I brought my vehicle in 2x to my dealer and both times they said "we don't have time" or "we don't have the appropriate staff" to take care of my creaking. I'm not too sure what an appointment means to Ford, but apparently it's not the same as what it means to me. And this is after 2 full days of leaving my car there. Not sure what they are good for. The worse part is their condescending attitudes when I tell them the front LCA's are creaking, as if they are going to disprove me. Not that they even put effort for into proving me wrong, they never even move my car from their driveway to the shop.
This is the perfect time to escalate this then, FutureSound. Make another appointment with them and send me your info so I can help.

Originally Posted by Deezul View Post
2012 v6 same deal. I just need time to bring it in.
Keep me posted, Deezul.

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