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ace72ace- Thank you so much for the great photos and step-by-step instructions on how to change those front speakers. I, for one, really appreciate it the effort you put into this post. I changed out the fronts of my 2013 Base V6 this morning and it was a breeze thanks to your pics.

I'm not an audiophile when it comes to my car, so that's the only upgrade I'm going to do, but it sure made a difference. The stock speakers were muddy, and that's being kind, so the new Pioneer TS-A6874R 3-ways I put in ($45.95 Amazon) were a super upgrade for the price. Much clearer sound. Also, thanks for showing the Metra connectors- I took the number off of your picture and ordered those, too. 1 1/2 hours and $50.00 later, and I've got a better sounding ride. Taking a 4 1/2 hour trip later today and I know I'll enjoy every minute of it more now that I did the swap.
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