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I have 8k on mine, and I think I have heard a very slight creak from the front end a couple of times going over the enormous speed bumps in and out of the deck at work. To those who have had this issue fixed - how loud was this "creak"? The times I have heard it, the noise was almost inaudible, and definitely no feedback in the pedals, and this was with the suspension near full flex (this speed bump is huge).

Trying to figure out if I should take it in to the dealer. Always a mixed bag, as my dealer is currently 2 out of 3 for good visits, with one being colossally bad.
Mine started the same way, just a few hundred miles ago, at about 7,500. It got rapidly worse. I'm at about 8,200. The creak at first is almost not noticeable. Just wait a few more miles on a nice, moist morning. It'll creak so bad you'll feel it in the pedals.
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