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Originally Posted by geargrabber5 View Post
My 2012 has done this from day one. But I don't have the means to leave my only car at the dealer for a couple days. And they don't have loaners.
Originally Posted by mmustangg View Post
Wow! While I'm glad I'm not the only one, sucks to hear so many people have this problem. I'm going to be setting up an appointment shortly. I'll post the results afterwards. Thanks for all your feedback.
Originally Posted by dmordan View Post
I just crossed 2k miles on my 2013 V6. I don't hear any noises but I do feel the odd feedback in the pedals, almost like the connecting rods are being bumped by something. Good to know I'm not crazy. Doesn't happen all the time, once or twice a week.
Plan on letting the dealership look at it at 5k unless it gets more frequent or I start hearing the noise everyone's reporting.

I'll be sure to email Deysha with the appointment info.
Originally Posted by Raccoon View Post
I have the same problem on my '12 v6. I noticed it a few thousand miles ago in the begining of the summer and since then it's come and gone. Some days it'll be quiet and others it'll groan loudly over bumps. If I take my car in to Ford would this be something I'd have to replicate for them?
Originally Posted by trustyrusty436 View Post
Mine is making noises also at about 6500 miles. I got out there with it with the hood up,shoving down on the front end of the fender to try and find out where the noise is coming from.
Originally Posted by Red 3-7 View Post
I have 8k on mine, and I think I have heard a very slight creak from the front end a couple of times going over the enormous speed bumps in and out of the deck at work. To those who have had this issue fixed - how loud was this "creak"? The times I have heard it, the noise was almost inaudible, and definitely no feedback in the pedals, and this was with the suspension near full flex (this speed bump is huge).
I definitely advise you all make appointments with your dealers and let me escalate this for you as soon as possible. Please PM me with your info, as mentioned before.

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