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Originally Posted by Albeeno View Post
Thanks again I just snapped a few quick shots after the test drive yesterday. I'll eventually get a few more up there.

I guess they're gonna do what they need to in order to get my front plate on. I'm just swapping from the 2005. It sucks, but that's life in Mass. Front plates are required...

I'm picking it up tomorrow after work and then doing 3 days touring Vermont with 4 great friends all of which will be on bikes. It's an annual trip we've been doing for a few years now and I have to say, my timing getting this new car couldn't be more perfect! Can't wait to get to know each other a little better driving down some of the best roads in the country!
Front plates are required here in Texas too. Already told the dealer not to drill the bumper

I've never had a front plate on any of my past vehicles. The few times I've been pulled over and asked about it, I was just honest and said "I have the plate but think it just ruins the look of front of the car".

The response is usually "I agree, have a nice day"
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