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Originally Posted by 11Red3.7 View Post
So far I'm the first one with this exact scary malfunction. Others have had some issues.

Convert, here is my new hypothesis after playing this in my head over and over. I had just pulled over and got gas at a little Indian reservation gas station less than 3 miles prior to the first incedent of ESC freaking out. I switched lanes and accelerated to get around the rock truck, even though I never fill past the first click, could it have been so full that gas sloshed out, messing up the Left Rear sensor, the second time maybe just the residual gas with added 50mph wind in the wheel well? Both times the Right Front was the first brake I noticed slamming hard, the opposite corner.

Neither me or the dealer can duplicate the problem, and maybe putting this reason in my head just keeps me from being scared like a little kid everytime I accelerate on to the freeway. So maybe it's just a defense mechanism, but it's working. So, Possible or Defense Mechanism?
I don't think that's the cause.

You see, I've also had Advancetrack sort of flake out on me twice now. Both times was under light acceleration (The second was leaving the grocery store with a dozen eggs sitting on my passenger seat.) and both times were between 20 and 40 MPH.

It did pretty much the same thing as described. Jaming on the brakes, refusing to let me accelerate, and pulsing the application. Also the Advancetrac light on the dash was blinking like crazy.

Personally I'm leaning towards a faulty gyroscopic or wheel spin sensor myself. Unfortunately with it being an intermittent and unreproducable problem I get no help from the dealer.
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