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Here's a review I posted in another thread, but it died.

I guess I can try and add some sort of informative post.

I bought an Airaid recently. I've been repeating the words "Airaid" in my head over and over, trying to decide if it's "Air Raid" or "Air Aid." Oh marketing, you're so clever. Though, Air Aid makes me think of an air freshener you spray after dropping a fatty. It blows my mind, sort of like Petsmart; is it Pets Mart or Pet Smart?

Anyway, it comes well packaged; fancy box, bubble wrap, decent instructions with pictures and stickers of the very poorly designed "Airaid" (or Air Aid) sticker of their logo. All of the parts are pretty good quality. The tubing is pretty heavy and very thick. All bolts and clamps are pretty nice. The filter seemed high quality as well. The molded air box, they call it a CAB, is pretty neat. It just barely clears everything it needs to in the engine bay. It's a SNUG fit, but once it's in there, perfection. No rattles, no BS. Fitting the intake tube is not terribly pleasant or easy. The weird hose coupling between the intake tube and throttle body allows you to push and pull the intake tube to line up with the intake box (CAB) opening. With some swearing, and loosening of bolts, it lines up.

Driving; it makes fun noises. In casual driving where we spend most of our time at 1/4 throttle or less, it's not terribly noticible. Full throttle in lower RPM's makes a nice World War II fighter plane burbling noise, making all Germans within earshot paranoid. Full throttle past 4,000 RPM? Prepare for noise! AIR RAID...uhhh...AIRAID noise!

Value? I found mine for $229 shipped from Autoplicity. With the $50 rebate, that comes to $179. I think it's a fair value at that price.

An update after a few weeks of Airaid ownership. There actually is a power difference. The mild incline on 405 used to make my car lose speed at 60 mph, with the pedal to the floor. Now, it actually maintains or gains speed in similar conditions. The car just feels smoother in the 1,500-4,000 range. Added torque is a good guess. I quite like it. Though at high RPM's it sounds like a D16Z6 (a Honda motor).
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