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Originally Posted by GM Convert View Post
I don't think that's the cause.

You see, I've also had Advancetrack sort of flake out on me twice now. Both times was under light acceleration (The second was leaving the grocery store with a dozen eggs sitting on my passenger seat.) and both times were between 20 and 40 MPH.

It did pretty much the same thing as described. Jaming on the brakes, refusing to let me accelerate, and pulsing the application. Also the Advancetrac light on the dash was blinking like crazy.

Personally I'm leaning towards a faulty gyroscopic or wheel spin sensor myself. Unfortunately with it being an intermittent and unreproducable problem I get no help from the dealer.
Both times for me and for Steve's 3 times we were pushing passed 45 to 50mph. What you describe is bad enough, but as speed increases the terror goes way up. Convert if you'd like to join this righteous movement to fix this then the more the merrier.

Originally Posted by Seadog View Post
As I recall, the Mustang comes with a black box that electronically stores all sensor data for a few seconds. If there is not a violent event, nothing is retained. They could install one with a long record time, or one that will do a minute or two, and has a 'panic' button that will stop recording when you tell it an event happened.

And the problem is consistent with every manufacturer and model with a traction control system. With that many sensors put in cars, a few of them are going to be glitch prone.
No not really. The car seems to think this is a normal operating condition, and that the system is just doing what it is designed to in bad weather, or extreme driving. Problem is it happens to people in normal driving and causes dangerous extreme driving...

Originally Posted by solidhadriel View Post
I noticed the date of failure was marked as '2011', is that supposed to be that way?
Sorry, that was a mistake. I had just put in year model and typed it again... Haven't done that since January!:nogrinner What a dumbass I am.
I'm even writting the Julian date in AC Forms all day.

Originally Posted by Strange Mud View Post
11Red, have you or Ford just tried disconnecting/reconnecting the wheel sensors? I assume there is a yaw sensor too. This make the problem go away if it's just a bad connection.
Nope, nothing like that. Steve's fault happened about once a month to him he said, which means I'm about due(scarry). I do plan on going to the dealer and having them hook up a black box, which I guess is similar to our flight data recorders. I just hope it doesn't record cockpit conversations the same way! I'll probably be swearing as the car tries to kill me and the drivers around me.

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