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Originally Posted by wingless View Post
There is only one factory paint job per vehicle.

A repainted bumper will never have the longevity and resistance to damage as the factory paint.

The factory already had years of opportunity and thousands of vehicles to figure how to attain a monochrome instead of two-tone finish.

Mine will retain the factory two-tone patina.

Originally Posted by Robotaz View Post
Nice mini lecture. And if my car was white and the bumpers looked like **** I'd demand Ford repaint them or take it to a quality body shop and have it done. Accepting two-tone car panels is moronic in my opinion. Why didn't it come that way if it's OK? I can't believe people accept this kind of crap from Ford. It's unacceptable. Nobody makes cars with different color body parts and says it's OK except Ford. But then again, nobody probably makes them at all with this problem except Ford. My brand new '13 has several paint defects. From what I hear, Ford calls this "normal". That's BS.
But yours is not white and your bumpers don;t look like sh*t was smeared over them. Unfortunately, people accept this kind of crap because.......we have too in order to maintain a factory sealed paint(if FOMOCO ever offers factory pre-painted bumpers for warranty issues, let me know.)

Originally Posted by wingless View Post
Thanks for the full lecture.

The two-tone Ford Performance White is a well known fact.

Mine will remain as-is for the reasons I've described.
Wingless is not Mindless, you are smart man.

Originally Posted by F91 View Post
These 2 look ok to me.

F91, looks like that shelby has a Creme Brulee colored front bumper, but it's hard to pic up in photos.

Originally Posted by 5.0 Candy REDCS View Post
Prior to buying my candy red 2011 GTCS,I was seriously considering getting a performance white the dealer had on the lot,which was also a 2011 GTCS.
The bumpers had a definite shift in color,they appeared quite creamy compared to the white on the body,I live quite close to the dealer and wanted to swing by my house to show the car to my wife,which they agreed to during the test drive.
When I got to my house,my wife came out to check out what color I had in mind,and said to both me and the sales rep," really nice mustang,but why are the bumpers painted a different color"
That,my friends is why I went with the candy red.
I thought I was seeing things when I noticed the difference in both whites of the body/bumpers... but the comment from my wife told me it was quite obvious enough to "appear" like there was a second color....neither one of us can tell any differences between the color on the body/bumpers on the candy red.

My take on this issue;
I find it very unlikely that FORD would paint bumpers at a different location...different paint equipment,different die lots,pigment ect would be asking for trouble,and I'm sure they realise this...
Lets not forget that bumper paint has another chemical added to it,flex agent,which makes the bumper paint more flexable,without this addition,any little ding to the bumper will result in the "hard" paint to just crack and spiderweb.
Also up for consideration,the base material(s) are very different;one is steel the other is injection moulded plastic.
I discussed this exact issue with "Wayne " owner of Avenue Auto repair here in Toronto, (they cater to very high end clients with Benz,Aston Martins,Ferraris and the like,and he maintains that because of these exact changes (flex agents,plastic versus metal) these subtle variations will always be noticed,with lighter colors being more prone to visual change.
Agree, in the aftermarket collision repair world, these variables will occur, I wish you the best with your red candy, I've noticed in my 10 years in the car business that cars come from the factory with all painted parts that match, If they don't, they probably have been repainted.....

Originally Posted by wingless View Post
My understanding is that Ford assigned their best paint engineers to this problem, Mr. Lokai and Mr. Bele.

They attacked this problem as though it were their last battlefield and the final resolution is to leave it as-is, then returned home to Cheron.
Long story short, FOMOCO dropped the ball, all they needed to due was add a little blue tint to the bumper paints(or directly mixed in with the flex agent to offset the yellowing)...... For me, it's two tone patina, well, tri-tone Patina, I had my paint guy spray the surround of my saleen grill performance white, he wanted to know if I wanted it to match the hood or the bumpers, I said both, he said he'd "blend it", what's one more shade going to hurt

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