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Originally Posted by Matterhorn View Post
I recently bought the White Face Reverse Glow Gauge Insert (94-98 V6) from American Muscle and installed them the other day.

Taking off the dash and getting the gage cluster out wasnt so hard but when it came to putting the new gauge face on it started to get difficult.

They come in 3 different parts (Main, left side, right side) which was nice. However the holes that you use to put them over the needles were too small and took some time to get them to fit right.

Another thing we had a problem with was the wiring the left and right side wires go straight down which is good but the main gauges wire comes out right into the left side gauges so you have to send it up through the creese and it leaves the temp gauge up a little, its not very noticeable but id rather it be flat.

Also the instructions could have been a little easier to follow and with better pictures.

However once you get them on and everything right they look GREAT!

Great job with the install they look great, Sometimes these installs can be tricky. I'm glad to here you got everything in and I'm definitely going to look into offering some better instructions with these kits!

Thanks for shopping with AM, we appreciate your business and loyalty! Let me know if you have any questions or ever need some assistance.

- Dan

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