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Originally Posted by GTFun06 View Post
It's just hilarious reading the posts of stick drivers bashing the auto owners (no muscle car should have an auto, i would never own an auto, etc, etc, etc).
I've owned both and am saying that literally maybe on 1 cruise per year driving thru some twisties do I actually miss the "connected" feeling of shifting on demand. With that said, I will take 364 days of "Power & Convenience" over 1 day of "Power & Connection". Unless you drive the twisties all thru the week and it's your daily commute... I will just keep laughing at your posts. The "Connection" from a stick does nothing for me when commuting on local highway or interstate traffic.
The one comment was missing the exhaust burble back pressure when you have a clutch! That is worth the stick with the right car!
No offense, but if you don't understand why a mustang, or any sports car/muscle car, should be stick, then you just don't get it, or your not shifting correctly.... It's like the difference between hitting baseballs in a batting cage, and hitting from a real pitcher.... Again , no offense. I don't want my mustang to feel like a Camry!

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