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Originally Posted by Deadstick View Post
So today, before I did the mod, I measured the voltage at the light bulb (by fishing very thin krynar wire to connector and pinching it between bulb and connector) with the engine running.
Battery: 14.42 volts.
low beam at the bulb: 12.48 volts.
high beam at the bulb: 12.73 volts.

I then installed the relay harness. Putco 239008HW Premium Automotive Lighting Wiring H13-9008 100W Heavy Duty Harness and Relay: Automotive

After the install, I got these numbers:
Battery: 14.43
Low Beam: 14.14
highbeam: 14.12

Significantly better!

Here is a voltage vs lumens from Danial Stern:
10.5V : 510 lumens
11.0V : 597 lumens
11.5V : 695 lumens
12.0V : 803 lumens
12.5V : 923 lumens
12.8V : 1000 lumens ←Rated output voltage
13.0V : 1054 lumens
13.5V : 1198 lumens
14.0V : 1356 lumens ←Rated life voltage
14.5V : 1528 lumens

Daniel Stern Lighting Consultancy and Supply
According to your calculations the low beams picked up about 433 lumens, about a 47% iimprovement. I didn't measure the voltage at the bulbs, but after driving the car for a week or so the improvement is obvious. The Philips Xtreme-Power bulbs are much better than Silverstars too.

I recommend this mod to anybody who has a 2011+ with halogens. Night vision will be much improved.

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