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Originally Posted by Ninja63634 View Post
No offense, but if you don't understand why a mustang, or any sports car/muscle car, should be stick, then you just don't get it, or your not shifting correctly.... It's like the difference between hitting baseballs in a batting cage, and hitting from a real pitcher.... Again , no offense. I don't want my mustang to feel like a Camry!
On a personal level I agree - Any Mustang or sports car I own will have a manual transmission. Actually any vehicle I own (sports car or not) will have a manual transmission as long as they are available. I've never owned an automatic vehicle in my 10+ years of driving and I don't plan on changing that. My father hasn't owned a car with a manual transmission in 20+ years but even he agrees that Mustangs/Camaros/etc should be stickshift.

That said, who cares? It's personal preference. Yeah I always get a bit disappointed when I see a great car and it has an auto, but that's just my preference. Maybe the driver has an injury and they can't operate a clutch, maybe they spend hours per day in traffic and an auto is just that much more convenient, maybe they just like an automatic transmission. Hell, some cars have an automatic transmission because they can shift quicker than a human could shift a manual... so is "better performance" a good enough reason to have an automatic? Regardless, who are you to judge?

Drive your manual car and like it but don't give other people **** because they chose an auto. It seems dumb to get your panties in a bunch because of someone elses transmission preference.

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