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Originally Posted by GTFun06 View Post
1st- What would make an automatic Mustang feel like a Camry??? Just the auto transmission? So following this logic, you are saying a Honda Civic stick is more like a 'real' Mustang because of it's manual gearbox then a 'fake' (or Auto) Mustang? I'm not sure if you're assuming Autos can't accelerate as quick as a stick (based on your "I wasn't shifting correctly" comment)?

2nd- To your point about every sports/muscle car should be a stick...Immortal said it best.

Transmission types are a preference you can get both on just about every single sports/muscle car. Just as you 'prefer' (and obviously too far biased to understand anyone else's opinion) a stick, some may 'prefer' an auto. It has nothing to do with shifting incorrectly, I've had sticks (2 Mustangs, Camaro, Trans-Am, 3 Trucks) and enjoyed them too. After having both, I now 'prefer' an Auto as stated in my previous post.
Ok... So I tried to be nice. And I am still gonna be nice. I agree with you about preference. Transmission type is a preference. But you are missing my point. I don't prefer, to have a ford computer do my shifting. I PREFER the connected feeling. I wouldn't take a stick civic, or corolla, over an Auto Mustang. And I never stated that. In an Auto, I feel disconnected from the car 100% of the time. In a stick I don't. I agree about the convenience of an auto in traffic... No doubt. But I wouldn't drive an Auto mustang daily any way. My 92 is a toy.
As far as German and Italian paddle shifting goes, I agree, in fact, having driven both, the paddle shifters are almost better! IMO. If ford came out with a paddle shifting system even half as good as BMW, I would definetly consider it.

Now... All of this is my opinion. Yours may differ. But no reason to flame me, or quote my post in red.... It's just a conversation. Thanx.

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