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Unhappy 2006 Mustang GT Shifts Poorly Misses Gears, will new linkage completely fix this?

I'm a new member. I've owned my 2006 Mustang GT 5 speed since new, it now has 10,000 miles on it. It has shifted poorly since the day I bought it. It's very easy to miss the 2nd to 3rd shift and almost impossible to downshift from 5th to 4th for passing. Hard acceleration makes it worse. I saw this hinted at in a car magazine before I bought but didn't pay much attention. I'm fully ready to admit it when I blow a shift but it ain't me, I've owned at least one stick shift car ever since I started driving in 1971 including plenty of muscle cars. There's never been a drop of any fluid on the floor under this car so it's not a fluid level issue and I don't beat the car. It's just the worst shifting car I've ever owned. I hoped it would get better with more miles, but it hasn't and now I'm going to either fix it or sell it. The car means a lot to me as my first two cars were a '68 notchback and '65 fastback Mustang (both sticks).

I started digging around on the internet yesterday and I see that the problem is most likely because Ford bolted the shifter to the body instead of the trans, so the linkage geometry changes under acceleration, that was stupid. It also makes me doubt that going to aftermarket linkage mounted the same way can fix the problem.

I'd like to hear if anyone has completely fixed this problem and with what brand of linkage. In particular is there an aftermarket linkage that bolts only to the trans and not to the body? I have changed plenty of clutches so I'm not worried about working on linkage.

Thanks to all and good luck with your cars.


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