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Dude, it died while playing ZepIII? That's such a great album man... Only thing worse would be if it died during Dark Side of the Moon or maybe Appetite For Destruction lol.

Unfortunately it sounds like you have somewhat of a wiring nightmare. Would be much easier to figure out if I were actually there looking at it, these kind of things are difficult at best to even speculate upon over the internet. It could be something as simple as a short in the wiring or maybe at worst something went wrong and let the magic blue smoke out of the factory amps. If you're not savvy with this sort of thing (if you were you probably would have already figured it out and not needed to post here) then my best suggestion would be to take it to Best Buy or any car audio shop of your choice and have them take a look.

One thing I would look at though is the rear speakers. Lay down in the trunk and inspect the wiring and connections at the speaker terminals.... Due to it having the factory pre-amp system, in order to connect an aftermarket amp for subs most times the wires are piggybacked with others that take the audio signal from there to an amp. My suspicion is there might be something going on with that. If there are any wires or devices (possibly a line level converter) spliced into those wires, remove them.

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