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Originally Posted by Deadstick View Post
This happened to me before a couple times. Hope your data recorder comes up with an answer! I did not have tc off, but did not have any reason for it to activate either.
Thank you Deadstick I hope it does too. And by my count on this and other forums you are the 8th person to complain about this including me. The only one to come up with an answer so far is a 2011 GT500 guy with a manual who figured out how to make it fail on demand. I hope I'm the second, and the first with an auto to figure this out, with the help of the VDR. So far all failures that I have sorted thru have been right after startup, usually a warm startup, making a stop, then a hard turn, then accelerating past 45mph. The harder you're accelerating the more agressive and scary the advanctrac intervention. It has happened to me twice with traction contol off, one time with TC on.
Deysha are you getting this? Another one.
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