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Originally Posted by kazman View Post
And then there are some here who race with a full tanik of gas and add an additional 50 to 100lbs of weight.
Could that be 100 lbs of sand bags.

I was thinking of a different type of speed contest I once had. I was parked just off the road in the Pine Barrens watching the sun go down feeling relaxed as all was right with the world. In an instant the back of my car started bouncing up and down and I heard a shriek that chilled my soul. I looked in my rear view mirror and saw a sight I never want to see again, the Jersey Devil with his wings flapping was ripping apart my car.

There was no dialing in and no breaking out, it was full out drop the clutch WOT, I was doing 110 MPH in third and he was closing. I slammed it into fourth breaking the tiers loose only slightly and started pulling away. When I hit the main road doing 150 I finally lost him and never looked back. That is why I never carry over 1/2 a tank and never ever any sand bags.

2009 Mustang GT Deluxe, fake hood scoop, Ford Racing Bullitt cold air intake and tune, Hurst billet competition plus shifter.

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