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Mine freaked out for the first time yesterday. Thankfully it was only the front left and with no traffic around. The situation when it happened is exactly what you described for most people's. I had a cold start up and drove about two miles down the street to a store. I was in the store for just a couple minutes. When I went to leAve the store I had to drive down a short road, about 100 feet, come to a stop, turn right about 60 degrees and then accelerate. When I git about 60 is when my front left wheel started slamming on and off the brake. I pulled over and came to a complete stop. I waited for a minutes and then proceeded to drive to a gas station about 300 yards away. When I reached about 45mph the front left wheel started braking on and off again. After turning the car off at the gas station and back on I didn't have a problem the rest of the way home.

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