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Originally Posted by Deadstick View Post
This happened to me before a couple times. Hope your data recorder comes up with an answer! I did not have tc off, but did not have any reason for it to activate either.
Originally Posted by 11Red3.7 View Post
Deysha are you getting this? Another one.
Originally Posted by bluestang50 View Post
Mine freaked out for the first time yesterday. Thankfully it was only the front left and with no traffic around.
Originally Posted by inmortal View Post
Mine is the 10th then.
Last week Wednesday. Clear Texas morning. No water or oil on the road. Merged into a road turning crisply 90 degrees to the right and then go up a hill. After shifting to 3rd gear around 40mph the car lost power and the traction control light was blinking.
Thank you, 11Red3.7. Guys, please PM me with all your info and make appointments with your dealers so we can get this resolved.


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