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Wiring after market head units advice/help in 03 GT /w Mach 460.

Okay so I just bought a 2003 Mustang GT and the 6 CD head unit already is giving me the "CD Error" 1 day after having it. This isn't honestly a big deal to me, because I planned on getting a head unit with an aux input anyway, BUT, what I didn't research extensively before buying the car was how much of a pain Ford apparently made it to use all of the stock audio equipment /w new head units.

So basically, I've run into this thread plenty of times:

Integrating Aftermarket HU into Mach 460 (99-04) - Modular Revolution Forums

The same guy posted the same thread somewhere else but he didn't list soldering equipment in the list of tools needed before he re-made this second thread I just linked. So, I just bought a bunch of stuff off of Amazon to do this, and all I got were some wire cutters/crimpers with butt splices to join wires together.

I'm curious if anyone else here has done this. Basically he says you can do all of the wiring out of the car. So, I'll be getting the Metra 70-5519 harness package(includes RCA and standard harness) and the harness that comes with the Pioneer I got.

What I'm not really understanding is, isn't there already a harness in the car that must be plugging into the back of the Mach 460 head unit? Does this harness need to be cut up and wired into one of the harnesses I'm receiving? Or is the Metra harness I'm getting basically an "adapter". Because this is the back of the head unit I'm getting:

I'm also reading that the Mach 460 has 4 tweeters? I thought the car only had 2 tweeters: one each in the corner of the door where the windows are. I bought 2 cross over bass blockers but if we have 4 tweeters that need to have bass blocked then I will also need 2 more -_-.

I really need some specific and clear instructions on this. All the guides I'm finding are almost coherent but just lack specifics that really make going into this a little intimidating especially since I've never wired before.

Any insight would be amazing. Thanks a lot!

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