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Originally Posted by beechbum View Post
Dropped it by today and talked to the tech who installed the new seat rack (or track?), he claims he never had to remove the side piece when he installed the new part, which I can see you don't have to disassemble the seat to replace it, but in pulling back the leather there is clearly a piece of foam missing, you can see the glue where it was and remains of the foam that stuck to it. They said to give a few weeks to "settle back in" and if it doesn't, to bring it back and then they'll have an upholstery shop look at it and replace if necessary. I can guarantee it's not going to magically fix itself and I'm not going to worry about it, if anything I'll visit an upholstery shop and buy a little strip of foam and fix it myself.
That's unacceptable in my opinion. They say they didn't touch that part when they fixed it and yet, the seat is separated. You gave it to them fine and they gave it back messed up. I'd would be starting a lot of trouble with them. In fact, I'm not a huge fan of my dealer after they tried to dismiss my check engine light at 300 miles because of a CAI I installed. I got into a fight with them and left. Sure enough, I put the old one back on to prove a point and after a few days, the light went back on and they changed their entire attitude.

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