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Originally Posted by tdes23 View Post
i have been reading to shift at like 5,600 rpms. I am just shooting for under 15s and I would be happy. I don't believe it is DOHC (I could be wrong). Thank you for the responses
Racing is done on a track with varying conditions. You have to know your car. I just spent $600 on a CAI/tune and short throw shifter, I did not beat my best time with the old setup. I have a higher top speed a the end of the 1/4 but my 60' times were .2 slower and best shift points and launch RPM are not the same.

It's not easy with a car one does not know or if one makes changes.

On a 57 degree day with 50% humidity and 30.31 pressure if you have a perfect run you will do a 14.526591377460393 1/4
1/4 Mile ET Calculator

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