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Originally Posted by Earl_the_Pearl View Post
I just got back from Island Dragway, it was free food and bracket racing. My first run, no dial in just to see how things are running, was against a 2011+ Mustang GT automatic driven by a girl, dressed in pink no less. She would go through both staging lights even with a track official telling her where to stop, it took her four times to stage and my left foot was getting tired.

Finally she gets both lights lit and the tree starts down; WTF she cut a .032 light to my .439 as I was sleeping with a numb left foot by then. OK she has me by 100 horses so I panic and spin my tires 2.429 60' to her 2.218. She ran a 13.841 @ 100.49 to my 14.362 @ 102.70. Beat by a girl .9281.

At the 1/8 she had me 9.000 @ 81.37 MPH to 9.498 @ 78.71 as there was no reason to let up as she could not break out WTF happened in the second 1/8?

I have to admit she was a cutie in her pink outfit. At least the Mustang was not pink. embarrassed
wait 'till she learns what she is doing!
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